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Conquering Containment

Breaking Free From Abuse
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Conquering Containment Book Toni Glymph-
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Containment is based on lies. For twenty-five years I accepted lies about how a Christian wife should respond to an abusive husband. For twenty-five years, I prayed, complied, and cried. For twenty-five years I was beaten down emotionally until I finally accepted the lies that I was unacceptable and undeserving of respect. On Wednesday, January 14, 2004, truth came and the lies were exposed. Truth gave me the strength to stand. Truth set me free.

This book will offer you truth and challenge you to stand. This book will expose Satan’s scheme to contain you. It was his plan all along. He knows your potential is still 100 percent intact. He knows what will happen when truth comes to set you free. I pray the truths in this book will set you free and give you the strength to stand.

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Conquering Containment


"I'm re-reading your book in tears - again - because my spirit is warmed, encouraged, in awe of you and the life you've lived. You're blessed and a blessing with this riveting, much-needed book."


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